Lobster Falls

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Lobster Rivulet

Lobster falls run




Distance: 7.0 km.

Average Grade: 17 m/km.

Peak Grade: 80 m/km.

Difficulty: Grade 4.

Paddling Time: 2-3 hours.

Entry Point: At a bridge just north of Chudleigh or ask Jerry Brooks at a farm road 2 km west of the Lobster Falls track.

Exit Point: Make a left turn off the Weegena road 1 km west of Dunorlan (Near Elizabeth Town), follow this road to a locked gate at a bridge over the Rivulet. Park without obstructing access across the bridge or adjacent driveway.

Water Level: 1.0 m at Meander minimum or just after rain Check levels : Meander (Flood Warning) Meander (Daily Warning)

Tasmap: 1:100 000 Meander, Tamar .

Shuttle: 30min, from the take-out head east toward Deloraine, then take the Mole Creek road.

General Description: An excellent short trip with several spectacular falls. Lobster Rivulet cuts an impressive gorge through the Magog Range on the eastern side of the Alum Cliffs Reserve. The Lobster Falls track joins the river at the 2nd waterfall from the east bank. A steep creek featuring 4 major falls (4 m to 7 m), the top of the 4th fall being blocked by logs (grade 5 drop or portage left). The drops of Lobster falls are encountered after the first 1 km, after which the river gradient reduces with a large boulder rapid being the last of the major rapids. If starting from the Mole Creek road, add 4 km of fairly flat, narrow, overgrown creek to the start of the trip.
Lobster Rivulet