Yolande – Henty

Canoe Tas Inc

West Coast

Yolande-Henty River

Zeehan Highway Bridge to Henty Road Bridge


Distance: 8 km + 18 km on the Henty.
Average Grade: 10 m/km + 2 m/km on the Henty.
Peak Grade: 
Difficulty: Grade 2-3.
Paddling Time: 2-3 hours on Yolande + 2-3 hours on Henty.
Entry Point: The Zeehan Highway Bridge (A10) over the Yolande (Grid ref. 765 471).
Exit Point: The Henty Road Bridge (B27) (on the Zeehan-Strahan Road) (Grid ref. 564 460).
Water Level: There is no gauge available, but avoid high water levels because of the first few rapids.
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Franklin & Cape Sorell.
General Description: The trip is quite easy but caution must be taken due to some steep falls in the first 2 km. The first, "Bristle Falls" is a 3 m drop about 800 m from the start. It should be portaged on the left bank. The river flows through some beautiful west coast rainforest. Walkouts are difficult after the first km due to the steep gorge, thick bush and isolation from roads. The paddle out on the Henty is mainly flat for the 18 km. The first gorge is grade 4+ at high flows and there are numerous log jams.