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South East

Weld River

Weld Forest Camp to Judbury



Distance: 50 km.
Average Grade: 5 m/km.
Peak Grade: 10 m/km.
Difficulty: Grade 2-3. Wilderness river
Paddling Time: 2-3 days.
Entry Point:  Follow Styx Road for 5 km from Maydena to where the Mueller Road takes off on the right. Follow Mueller Road for about 11 km to where a short side road leads up to hydro pole no. 106 (this number may be missing). A blazed foot track has been cut into the Weld River. This takes off from directly above H.E.C. pylon 106. Walking time to the Weld River is about 2 hours. 
Exit Point: Judbury is quite a convenient spot to finish up, but if you want a shorter trip the first available exit point is the bridge across the Weld, about 5km up form it's junction with the Huon but you'll need to arrange a key from Forestry as the access is still locked at this stage.
Water Level: Several days of rain in the Weld catchment would be needed. 
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Huon, Tyenna & Wedge.1:25 000 Bowes, Nevada, Weld.
Shuttle: From Judbury to pylon 106 is about a 2.5hr drive.
General Description: This river is a great scenic trip through pristine wilderness. There is no gauge and it does need a bit of water so just watch the weather systems and rainfall readings. The Weld catchment is at present rarely visited and very fragile.  Do not light fires. It is illegal to have a fire in rainforest peat. The damage in doing so is considerable, and risk of wildfire is drastically increased . Campsites should be left exactly as found. Trampling of delicate ferns and and riverside moss communities should be avoided. All litter must be carried out.

The track in traverses some magnificent tall Euc forests. This track leads to the Weld Arch which is a great day walk. The Weld Arch is a large limestone arch over the river, or a short cave through which the river flows (depending on your viewpoint!). The track hits the river after about 2hrs and then again another 2 or 3 hrs later but it is highly recomended you get in at the first meeting and not drag your boats for a whole day getting to the lower entry point!

The top section of the river runs through limestone and encompasses the Weld arch, a feature well worth a look but not to be paddled. The top section is fairly small and log chocked and can be quite technical in places. There is a Two stage waterfall just before the arch which requires a portage on the river right. The river enters the arch about 50m after the waterfalls and then drains down through the limestone to reappear a short time later.    There are another two 'chasms' that require portaging being too narrow and log chocked to fit a kayak thru. The river opens up after the junction with the Snake river and it is pretty open paddling down to the Huon. There are two grade 3 rapids close to the Weld Bridge, 1 just before and the other a little way after.