Styx River (Upper)

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Styx River (Upper)

Bruces Bridge to Styx River Bridge



Last updated: (Updated in 2018)

Note all grid references are GDA94 (MGA) = AGD66(AMG) Easting + 112m, Northing + 183m

Distance: 21km Bruces Bridge to Styx River Bridge (or 12km from Jacques Road foot track.)

Average Grade: 5 m/km.

Peak Grade: 7 m/km.

Difficulty: Grade 1-2 but with numerous log challenges above Jacques Road.

Paddling Time: 3- 4 hours on water from Jacques Road at low levels. (Unknown from Bruces Bridge)

Entry Point: Bruces Bridge (MGA 687592) on Styx Road. This is 19km west of the Styx River Bridge or 10km from the Gordon River Road near Maydena.

Due to reported log jams in the first few kms alternative entry points are past the Tall Trees track and Waterfall Creek via a side road (last verified in 2002) or via a gentle foot track 150m southwest of the Jacques Road intersection marked with a small cairn and bush stake (last verified 2018). Good camping here beside the river for those wishing to make an expedition of it.

Exit Point:  Styx River Bridge at MGA 813637. This can accessed via the Styx road directly from Karanja (17km) or via the Gordon River Road though Maydena (56km from Karanja)

Water Level: Check the rock ledge upstream of the Glenora Bridge, if there is a clear channel of water, you can go, if it is running bank to bank you will have a fast trip. A good height is if the river is level with the bottom of the sloping apron of the Glenora Bridge support.

There is a BOM gauge on Bruces Bridge. Below 1m is scratchy with exposed logs and rocks – suitable for packrafting but not kayaks.

Tasmap: 1:100 000 Tyenna. 1:25,000 Maydena and Uxbridge

Shuttle: 19km via the Styx Road. (Note Gee Creek Bridge was washed out as at May 2018)

General Description: Stunning rainforest all the way.The first few kms are scratchy and loggy with several portages (all short) over logs (2002). Below Jacques road there is only the occasional log to portage with one significant log jam easily avoidable below the horseshoe bend. From here the river gathers pace as the Grade 2 rapids link up. The final km is marked by a series of ledges offering great surfing but could become river wide stoppers at higher levels. Easy portaging on river right if needed. 

Styx River at Jacques Road foot track

Start of Jacques Road foot track