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Que River

Bolgabac to Huskisson River
Distance: 8.0 km.
Average Grade: 28 m/km.
Peak Grade: 40 m/km.
Difficulty: Grade 4.
Paddling Time: 8 hours.
Entry Point: Bolgabac (spelling?) creek.
Exit Point: 10 km walkout with a 400 m climb
Water Level: Low water (~200 cusecs) for the only known trip to date – grade 5+ if higher.
Tasmap: 1:100 000 ?.
General Description: The river starts with a few trees and logs and then a twisting drop and ramp. The creek then divides into a couple of waterfalls of 8-10m that have not been paddled. The Que River then comes in from the right. The river was continuous grade 3/4 with little flat water. Mostly grade 3, though reasonably tight with only small eddies. There are some logs and some portages.
Past this first section the river dropped into the gorge. The gradient picked up where there are a few bigger rapids and some big log jams. The gorge has some potentially runnable rapids (grade 5?) that have been portaged to date and some compulsory portages due to logs.