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North West Bay River

Pipeline Weir to Bett's Road


Distance: 5.0 km.
Average Grade: 75 m/km.
Peak Grade: 100 m/km.
Difficulty: Grade 5.
Paddling Time: 4-6 hours.
Entry Point: The pipeline weir below Wellington Falls. The 9 km well graded pipeline track leads from Nieka (kayak trailers and mountain bikes being the means used to date).
Exit Point: Betts Road Bridge (Grid ref. EN 168 440), 1 km from Huon Highway, 2 km north of Longley.
Water Level: 1.2 m at the Margate Bridge gauge , 20 mm+ overnight on Mt Wellington.
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Derwent.
General Description: A very steep creek, adventure boating at it's best and only 20 min from the City Centre, be prepared for a BIG day out. For full value, start by paddling, "Bum Cheeks", the drop above the top weir. The drop between the boulders is clean, into a small, deep pool. From the weir, continuous, very steep rapids continue until (with a portage at the pipeline bridge due to a keeper stopper in a narrow slot), the 6 m clean waterfall, "NWB Falls" is encountered, before the landslide. Immediately after the landslide, a mandatory high portage (30min+ on river left) is required, to avoid the 4 m wide, "death" gorge. The portage ends, above "Hall's Falls", another runnable 6 m drop.
The next large feature is the "Slippery Dip", one of the finest drops you'll find in Tassie. A cross between a skate bowl and a water slide in sculptured dolerite. From here more steep stuff, including a series of grade 5 log drops, keeps the heart pounding until the gradient reduces to mearly steep. Continuous, technical rapids continue to the Bett's Road Bridge.

Dan Hall – NWB Slippery Dip