North Esk

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North Esk River

White Hills to Corra Linn



Distance: 6 km.
Average Grade: 10 m/km.
Peak Grade: 
Difficulty: Grade 3-4.
Paddling Time: 2 hours.
Entry Point: White Hills. There is a short road down to the North Esk from the Blessington Road (C401) (Grid ref. 213 053).
Exit Point: At the fish farm 1 km below the Corra Linn Bridge (Grid ref. 184 067) or on the grassy bank just below the Corra Linn Bridge on the LHS.
Water Level: 0.9 m  is ideal. The gauge is on the southern down stream side of the Corra Linn Bridge (Grid ref. 192 069) or minimum height is 20 cm under cement block below bridge at south east end. Note the levels given here are the actual river gauge levels, the levels on the website are 1m higher.    Check levels : Corra Linn (Flood Warning) Corra Linn (Daily Level)
Tasmap: 1:100 000 South Esk, St. Patricks (Land Tenure Index Series).
Shuttle: 4 km
General Description: The first few kilometres are easy grade 2 . A grade 3 rapid called the “Zig Zag” marks the beginning of the final gorges. This is followed by the “Bastard Rapid” a rocky grade 3 which can be quite tricky at lower heights. Inspection can be carried out initial gorge is “Horseshoe Falls” an exciting 2 m drop followed swiftly by the “Diagonal Stopper” which seems fairly harmless at all levels (providing a good support stroke is available, or maybe a good roll). Not far below this point, about 200 m, a large rock is in the centre of the river. It is strongly advisable to get out here and check as two large drops are immediately below. The “First Drop” has been paddled at all levels up to 5.2 m. The “Second Drop” should not be missed by any reasonable paddler, stay centre left and sprint. The last gorge down to the bridge is continuous grade 3 with a nasty rock (“Shylocks Rock”) marking the last descent.
Exit at the bridge is on a grass verge on the left. The first rapid after the bridge is quite difficult. A vicious stopper just around the bend exists at high level – at above about 4m on the gauge the stopper builds up below a ledge of 1.3m from two thirds the way across the river to completely across the river as height increases. At lower levels the chute has hidden rocks in the centre and some nasty stoppers. Below the corner, the river reaches Scout Island. The left is straight forward, easy grade 2 but willow bound at the end while the right is a steep descent initially of harder grade 2. The Corra Linn fish farm pool is reached after the island. N.B. A good novice trip can also be made by starting at the fish farm and on to St. Leonards picnic ground. Take care when the river is in flood because of the strong current, willow trees and log jams. Paddling below St. Leonards picnic ground is not recommended due to willows.

Topo Duo: Booga and Jane – First Drop