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Central Tasmania

Nive River

Liapootah Dam to Wayatinah Lagoon


high volume
Distance: 7.5 km. Average Grade: 11 m/km. Peak Grade: 15 m/km. Difficulty: Grade 3. Paddling Time: 2-3 hours. Entry Point: Liapootah Dam. 100m downstream of Liapootah Dam face.  The Liapootah Dam Road is gated approx. 2km  from the dam face. One or two rapids can be scouted from high up on the walk in. Lower boats on rope directly above the downstream end of the large pool at the bottom of the dam. Do not go near the sluice at the bottom of the ladder at the dam face – it flushes regularly and without warning potentially taking boats and boaters with it! The dam has a drum gate which automatically regulates water releases to ensure the dam has maximum capacity without flooding the Tarraleah Power station above and is highly unpredictable when the dam is spilling. Exit Point: Nive Bridge at Wayatinah on the Highway. Water Level: 1000+ cusecs Tasmap: 1:100 000 Nive. Shuttle:  General Description: This is a classic grade 2-3 paddle which flows only rarely (when Liapootah Dam spills or is being emptied). The largest rapids are immediately below the dam, culminating in a 1.5 m drop into a reasonable sized stopper, the remainder is continuous grade 2 rock gardens. Pull out on the right bank immediately after the bridge.

Nive – Liapootah Dam