South Esk

Nile River

Lower section, concrete ford on Fishers Tier Rd then walk out back to near the start.



Distance: 2.5 km as the crow flies.

Average Grade: 50-60m/km.

Peak Grade: 75m/km.

Difficulty: Grade 4, more at higher levels.

Paddling Time: 3-4 hours at the most but worth bombing a second run after youÕve worked out the lines.

Entry Point: Put in at the concrete ford on Fishers Tier Rd, off English Town Rd.

Exit Point: Exit river just as the valley flattens, out on river right, on a left hand bend, hump your boat back up the 4wd track until you get to the road not far from the put-in!

Water Level: approximately level with the concrete on the upstream side, about 1 m on the BOM gauge. 


Shuttle: walk!

General Description: Gorge run, steep and continuous, starts off with a few grade 3's and then drops into the gorge section proper and just gets steeper.  No compulsory portages but most rapids require inspection.  There are several clean gorge rapids and after that there are many steep typical Tasmanian creek, rocky, boulder dodging rapids until the takeout. There is a 4ish m, steep, 3 stage drop which has claimed a few scalps just before the takeout.

 The river can run at any time of the year, google earth shows water in the river at the ford at quite a paddleable level, in February!

Alternative takeout is to paddle further down the river, apparently very rocky, flat and shallow, to the paddocks and walk across these to English Town Rd.