South Esk

Nile River

Upper section, to concrete ford on Fishers Tier Rd.



Distance: 2 km as the crow flies.

Average Grade: 40m/km.

Peak Grade: 

Difficulty: Grade 3-4

Paddling Time: 2-3 hours at the most.

Entry Point: From the take out, drive 500 m or so back up the hill and turn right at the intersection at the top of the hill.  Drive up this road for about 1.5 – 2 km and when the road makes a big left hand turn, park here. Walk up the old track that follows the river valley, straight ahead from the left-hand turn in the road, until you get close enough to the river to get to it easily or until you arrive at an area of logging activity. Hint, the further you walk, the more river you get to paddle!

Exit Point: At the concrete ford on Fishers Tier Rd, off English Town Rd, start of the lower section.

Water Level: approximately level or a bit higher than the concrete on the upstream side, about 1-1.2 m on the BOM gauge.


Shuttle: 3 or 4 km, leave a car at the ford, do a quick car shuttle, take a bike or run!

General Description: 

The river trip starts with a good view of Stacks Bluff directly upstream and flows through a pretty, rainforested valley. The rapids are good fun grade 3-4, low volume rapids with smooth rocks, very continuous with several decent drops that require inspection.  As with all Tasmanian creeks, a solid boof stroke is essential!
The river can run at any time of the year, google earth shows water in the river at the ford at quite a paddleable level, in February!
Both section of the Nile are quite short on the map, seem longer whilst on the river but could or should be combined into one trip quite easily if the level for the lower isnÕt too high.