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Mersey River

Echo Valley Bridge to Union Bridge (Standard Hill Run)
Distance: 16 km.
Average Grade: 5 m/km.
Peak Grade: 40m/ km.
Difficulty: Grade 3-4.
Paddling Time: 6 hours plus portage time.
Entry Point: The Echo Valley Bridge on Olivers Road (C138) (Grid ref DP 352 968).
Exit Point: The Union Bridge on the Union Bridge Parade (C137) (Grid ref. 444 037).
Water Level: Parangana Dam must be spilling, 0.2m is a good level.
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Mersey.
General Description: The first 3 km to Liena Bridge is grade 1. The remaining 13 km cuts through the middla of Standard Hill and is grade 3-4. There is a very difficult section of rapids about the middle of the trip where the river drops 40 m in 1 km (Grid ref. 378 036). Extreme caution must be taken as the walkout is very difficult. The first drop is easy Grade 4 before a steep sided gorge ends in a 3 m drop. Take a rope to assist with portages. These may take some hours but usually the main drop can be portaged on the right hand side from a small eddy. At lower water heghts there is usually a log in the main shoot of the drop which necessitates a portage. At medium water heights a portage on the left hand side across the rock shelf is feasible but make sure the eddy above this rock is reachable.