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West Coast

Jane River

Jane Gorge to Franklin Junction



Distance: 30 km to the Franklin.
Average Grade: 9 m/km.
Peak Grade: 30 m/km.
Difficulty: Grade 5.
Paddling Time: 5-6 days.
Entry Point: 4 wheel drive or helicopter to the Errebus Rivulet.
Exit Point: 
Water Level: 
General Description: By 11.00 we had reached the Errebus Rivulet, tributary of the Jane. Rather than walk the rest of the way we decided to paddle the Errebus. The creek was shallow and full of log jams. The scenery was unreal, steaming rain forest and iridescent orange and green fungi everywhere. At about 1.30 we reached the Jane, a surprisingly Large River. The first few km of flat water were covered quickly, till we reached the start Morale was very low. We had had the last littleboys' diced in porridge for breakfast. After a few km of flat water we came to the start of the first section of the second gorge. Nearly all of it was paddleable grade 3. There was some flat water" a corner, and then the bigstuff, and was it big. The rapids were Incredible they just dropped, and dropped with huge stoppers and boils everywhere. The scenery was incredible, sheer cliffs rising hundreds of metres on either side. We did a low level portage or two, and then we came to one rapid, which we couldn't portage at low level. We had to go up into the dense bush, cutting a track as we went with our paddles of the first gorge. The river dropped a metre, then disappeared completely for fifty metres or so under huge boulders. We walked over this and then came to a few grade 6Õs, which we had to portage. After these were a string of Grade 3's below which we camped for the night on a rocky shelf, We paddled about a kilometre of flat water and then hit the gorge proper, Grade 6 after Grade 6. There were a few drops and pools we could cover but beyond it was portage, portage, portage. A little after midday we cleared the first gorge and paddled glorious black, flat water till about 4.00 when we made camp, a few km upstream of the second big gorge. It took us a little over 2 hours to portage our kayaks some 300 yards. Eventually though, it began to flatten out into Grade 3's and 4's which we shot. About 3.30 we cleared the second gorge. It had taken 61/2 hours to come about three kilometres. We made camp a few kilometres downstream, in a Huon pine grove. We had a leisurely breakfast and patched our boats. We left about 11.00 and hit the third gorge about an hour later. There were only a few portages, most of the gorge being good Grade 3 water. We arrived at the Jane's junction with the Franklin at about 2.30.