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Iris River

Iris to Lake Lea



Distance: 13.0 km.
Average Grade: 20 m/km.
Peak Grade: 
Difficulty: Grade 4.
Paddling Time: 4-5 hours.
Entry Point: Drive towards Cradle Mountain from the take out until the road crosses the Iris. Alternatively, turn off right, on to a rough 4WD track shortly before the road crosses the Iris. Follow this for 1 km to the river.
Exit Point: Moina and after approximately 3 min, turn right onto a gravel road. Follow this until it crosses a river, this is the Iris.
Water Level: When the Lea River is too high, the Iris will have sufficient water – medium to low level is where the rapid above the takeout bridge is just paddlable
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Cradle Mountain.
General Description: Bring a dry top and even some extra fleece, it will be cold. Eddys are small and few, especially to begin with so the river is better suited to small groups. For the first 1 km or so the river is not much more than a boat length wide with continuous grade 2+, as it descends out of the alpine heath and into rainforest rapids become larger. Beware of the occasional tree or log jam across the river. The volume and width of river increase and the rapids become more technical, meanwhile you become colder and begin to wonder if you are inside a DombrovskiÕs wilderness calendar. Just as everything becomes hazy around the edges a big boulder on river left announces the rivers hardest section, scout and/or walk the first rapid on this side. At higher levels this drop is runnable but at low water a nasty rock at the bottom is waiting for a good pinning. From here down has the best and biggest white water, finishing just up from the take out

Iris – Cold Start