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South East

Huon River

Scotts Peak to Tahune Bridge


Distance: 45 km.
Average Grade: 5 m/km.
Peak Grade: 7m/km.
Difficulty: Grade 2-3. Note: Gorge contains several large rapids at high water.
Paddling Time: l/2- 2 days.

Entry Point: As the Huon is dry at Scotts peak, it is better to drive on Scotts Peak Road (C607) to the red knoll quarry and walk across the Huon Plains in a south east direction, entering the river just below a small gorge (Grid ref. DN 417 332). Dragging across the buttongrass is easy and if you aim for grid ref DN 445333 you should find a very steep, rough track down through the scrub to the river. Packrafters may wish to walk further via the normal track to put in past Junction creek to avoid the first 8km of no water and lots of down trees.

Map of the entry area at Scotts peak.

Exit Point: Tahune Bridge, about 1km below the confluence of the Huon and the Picton, you can’t miss it!
Water Level: 1.0 m minimum at Judbury, the gauge is situated under the bridge on the south bank at Judbury, data also available online.
There are a lot of logs in the upper section which are much easier to get over with a descent amount of water, a low water trip can be a bit tedious in this section especially in a raft.
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Old River, Huon. 1:25,000 Scotts, Razorback, Picton.
Shuttle:  A long way (~230 km) via Hobart.

General Description: At first the river is very scratchy until Junction Creek. The river is mainly flat apart from a small gorge at about 20 km After this "Split" the river flattens out again until the main gorge just downstream off the Anne junction. There is a larger grade 3 rapid just below the Huon gorge before the river settles down again. The Riveaux Rapids are encountered just upstream from the Picton River junction, these can provide large wave trains in high water. The 2019 fires have burnt down to the waterline in most places from Junction Creek to Judbury increasing the risk of flash flooding until vegetation grows back. Campsites above Junction Creek are easily found in tea tree groves, one frequently used campsite on the right bank, opposite the Anne junction is now severely burnt leaving only a few sloping sites close to water level. Once below the junction with the Cracroft River there are good camping opportunities beneath the rainforest.

Remember this is a remote area trip so make sure you are well prepared as any walk out will take a number of days!