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Hellyer River

Hampshire Link Road to Hellyer Gorge
Distance: 16 km.
Average Grade: 16 m/km.
Peak Grade: 20m/km for the first 6 km.
Difficulty: Grade 3 plus.
Paddling Time: 3-4 hours.
Entry Point: From the bridge over the Hellyer River on the Hampshire to Murchison Highway Link Rd. (GR 892 183)
Exit Point: At the Murchison Highway Bridge in the Hellyer Gorge (Grid ref. CQ 837 298).
Water Level: The gauge is at the Murchison Highway Bridge in Hellyer Gorge. Minimum level is l m. After 1.5 m. the trip becomes dangerous.
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Inglis.
General Description: This section of river runs through very steep country and it drops continuously with many good grade 3 rapids. The rapids are very close together and log jams are always a danger. There are a number of small waterfalls in the first 5 km several of which usually need portaging as they contain logs. Inspection is necessary as a walk out is horrendous. The river can be very cold and an early start is recommended. The last 5 km are grade 2.

Carl Mason – Hellyer