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West Coast

Gordon River

Above the Gordon Gorge

Distance: 44.0 km. + 10 km walk & paddle in

Average Grade: 2 m/km

Peak Grade: 

Difficulty: Grade 2.

Paddling Time: 3 days.

Entry Point: Paddle across Lake King William and into Long Bay and find the four-wheel drive track near GR 356 156. Follow down the track SW for approximately 9 km. to where the track and the Gordon meet. Alternatively the track can be accessed by walking across Clark Dam.

Exit Point: You can leave the river easily and join the Vale of Rasselas walking track, or at the Richea Creek Track ( GR 488 814). The Timbs Track (the site of the old Gordon Bend flying fox) is not much used now a days due to the much shorter Richea Creek Track

Water Level: The upper section of the Gordon is log choked and rain is required to make life easier to clear the logs. Once the Gell River comes in the Gordon is bigger and the log density decreases and the river is generally broad & flat. Again more water is better. If continuing through the gorge (Gr 5) take care but high level trips (not flood) trips are well worth while

Tasmap: 1:100 000 Nive. Wedge .

Shuttle: A shuttle bunny is recommended or spend a day pre placing vehicles.
~70km if the forestry gates in the Florentine are open, otherwise more like double the distance.

General Description: The level of Lake King William fluctuates but generally paddle to Long Bay and negotiate the mud flats. Locate a very faint old track around GR 356 156. This is the old bombardier track to the now disused Gell River airstrip. Follow this SW out of the button grass and into the scrub & forest for about 9 km to where you are sick of walking and would rather battle the logs in the small Gordon river next to you. The track along the Gordon is alternatively muddy and rocky but does not rise or fall very much. The first few kilometres on the river are easy dragging and paddling sitting on the deck, however after about 5 Km of dragging over rock and the occasional log you enter a horrific log jam that continues down to the Gell River. This 12 Km down to the Gell River is very slow due to logs  It is worthwhile to get out on the bank and walk amongst some of the clearings – large grassy or mossy areas, which contrast with the rich rainforest, unburnt for many decades. From the Gell, downstream the countryside opens up, especially downstream of the Teneriffe Marshes (GR 434 993). The river is unfortunately still interrupted by logs, through to the site of the old flying fox just before the gorge.