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Forth River

Lake Paloona to Turners Beach
Distance: 12 Km.
Average Grade: 2 m/km
Peak Grade: 5 m/km
Difficulty: Grade 1-2.
Paddling Time: 3 hours.
Entry Point: 1 Km. above Paloona Bridge from Paloona Road (C144). Take the track down to Paloona Power Station and enter opposite the Wilmot River Junction (Grid ref. 371 300).
Exit Point: Turners Beach picnic ground, on the left bank 100m. after the Bass Highway Bridge (Grid ref. 370 428).
Water Level: River height is typically controlled by Hydo release which is unpredictable if not booked.
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Forth.
General Description: There are only two real features on the river. The first is the Tasmanian Canoe Club Slalom Course which is grade 2. It consists of a small rapid then a flat pool of 50m. then another small rapid with a number of man made obstructions to create waves and eddies. It is an excellent place to practice white water skills. Under NO circumstances grab hold of the slalom poles that are erected there. The second feature is the Forth Weir. There is ample warning with signs hanging over the river. Portage well before the weir, or portage on the left side if the river is low. Observe the warnings. "Six people have drowned there, don't be the seventh." "Dangerous weir below." "Exit here." This sign may be missing at times. This weir is extremely dangerous and must not be used for practice. Under no circumstances should it be paddled.
The Tasmanian Canoe Club's Slalom Course and training area is situated 8.5 Km. upstream of the village of Forth on the Cradle Mt. Road. Good camping and basic toilet facilities are on site. Many visiting canoeists, school groups and youth organisations use this area as a base.

Maitland and Ingrid – Forth Slalom course