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Fisher River

Fisher Power Station tailrace to Lake Parangana


Distance:Ê3 Km.
Average Grade:Ê20 m/km
Peak Grade:Ê
Difficulty:ÊGrade 3. Fast, continuous and cold.
Paddling Time:Ê2-3 hours.
Entry Point:ÊThe Fisher Power Station tailrace (Grid ref. 391 860). Take the Lake MacKenzie Road off the Mersey Forest Road (C171), turn right onto Fisher Road and drive to the power station.
Exit Point:ÊLake Parangana, where there is picnic and camping area.
Water Level:ÊNot below 0.8m. at the Fisher Power Station tailrace. Maximum capacity is 300 cusecs.
Tasmap:Ê1:100 000 Mersey.
General Description:ÊThe Fisher is a beautiful alpine stream with cold, clear water and fantastic scenery. The river is very steep, but a natural progression up from the Mersey Whitewater course. At lower levels there are many rocks to dodge and care should be taken to inspect drops. The water is extremely cold and walkouts would be difficult, but head north east if necessary. Beware of trees across river. A key is required for a locked gate on the road to the power station, contact Hydro Tasmania.