Canoe Tas Inc


Fish River

to Lake Rowallan



Distance: 3.3 km.
Average Grade: 79 m/km
Peak Grade: 100 m/km
Difficulty: Grade 5.
Paddling Time: 1-4 hours.
Entry Point: Take the Fish River Road, a left turn several km after passing the Lake Rowallan Dam.
Exit Point: At the Fish River bridge just upstream of Lake Rowallan.
Water Level: No guage but local rain is needed, this river would be grade 6 if high!
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Mersey .
Shuttle: 15 mins one way
General Description: A very steep continuous creek with many drops and few eddies. This is a serious undertaking for experienced parties only, expect steep creeking, timber and reaction boating!

Fish River Bridge