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Emu River

Upper Stowport Road to Emu Heights Weir
Distance: 15 Km.
Average Grade: 6 m/km
Peak Grade: 
Difficulty: Grade 2.
Paddling Time: 3-4 hours.
Entry Point: From upper Stowport Road (C114) (Grid ref. 070 424). Obtain permission from the farmer and walk to a point on the river (Grid ref. DQ 061 428).
Exit Point: At the weir near Emu Heights (Grid ref. 095 518).
Water Level: There is no gauge, but the river flows after 2 days of continual heavy rain.
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Inglis.
General Description: The river consists of many small rapids punctuated with a lot of flat water. Above the entry point the river has a small flow and is very steep with large boulders and goes underground.