Broad River

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Lower Derwent Catchment

Broad River

Dunrobin Road to Dawson Road Bridge




Distance: 7 km. Average Grade: 29 m/km. Peak Grade: 67 m/km for the first 500 m. Difficulty: Grade 3- 4. Paddling Time: 4 hours. Entry Point: From the Dunrobin Road which leaves the Dawson Road shortly after it crosses Meadowbank Lake. Walk from a point (Grid ref: DN 683 895) on the Dunrobin Road in a south east direction to a point (Grid ref: DN 688 891) just below a gorge. Exit Point: The Dawson Road Bridge just before Cluny Lagoon (Grid ref: DN 719 930). Water Level: The cement ledge beneath the Dawson Rd Bridge should be covered. Tasmap: 1:100 000 Tyenna. Shuttle: 8 km. General Description: The gradient increases progressively with distance upstream and the maximum gradient of 100 m/km occurs at the start of the uppermost section. Entering the river is also more difficult at this point, involving a descent on a very steep slope of 360 m to the river below. Because of the very steep gradient, the river is relatively difficult comprising shallow rock rapids of technical grade 2-3 standard. The steep uppermost sections are more difficult, grade 4 and involve much portaging around log and boulder choked drops. The remainder is constant white water with few eddies and contains one major drop, a weir of 1.5 m in height with a submerged boulder on the right. The weir should be shot on the far left as the boulder on the right may trap the bow of the canoe. The degree of difficulty would increase markedly at higher levels.

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