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Lower Derwent

Derwent River

Meadowbank to Gretna
Distance: 19.0 km.
Average Grade: 1 m/km
Peak Grade: 
Difficulty: Grade 1- 2
Paddling Time: 3- 4 hours.
Entry Point: Meadowbank Dam. Take the Meadowbank Dam Road (C642) from the Lyell Highway (A10) to the Power Station. Walk down the track to the base of the dam.
Exit Point: At the Gretna Rapid (Grid ref. DN 949 739) where the Lyell Highway merges with the Derwent at Triffitts Neck.
Water Level: 
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Tyenna.
General Description: The river is a very good novice trip. Care must be taken in several places at IOW levels to take the correct path through rapids. Caution must be taken at the "Strainer" rapid (Grid ref. DN 909 759). It consists of a tree that has fallen into the river constricting the flow. The "Strainer" can be inspected and portaged on the left bank.