Dove River

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Dove River

Dove River Road to Lake Cethana




Distance: 13 km to Lake Cethana then 5 km on the Lake.

Average Grade: 37 m/km

Peak Grade: 100 m/km

Difficulty: Grade 5-6.

Paddling Time: Full day

Entry Point: Follow the Cradle Mountain Road from Miena to turn left onto the unsigned Dove River Road, which is located just before the signed ÒDaisy DellÓ playing fields  Walk down to the river from the end of the Dove River Road (Grid ref. DP 170 956). Read 2002 Southern Canoeist for details

Exit Point: On Lake Cethana, 3km of flat water to the township of Lorinna (Eastern bank).

Water Level: No gauge and no way of finding out except by walking down to the river to take a look. The river should look low but negotiable, any more water than low and you will find yourself with a big walk out. Read 2002 Southern Canoeist for details

Tasmap: 1:100 000 Forth .

Shuttle:  ~35 km.

General Description: This river is a little beauty and until 2002 remained unsuccessfully negotiated. It is a trip that requires full commitment from all members of a well equipped and highly experienced party. To date (2008) there have only been two successful descents and plenty of pedestrian exits.


The river starts easily enough and with the amount of water that you will have youÕd be thinking Ôwhy didnÕt we go bushwalking insteadÕ. Before too long the gradient increases and the walls of the canyon close in. There are a few sweet falls and the odd portage before reaching a rapid that cannot be portaged and must be run relatively blind. The rapid should look low but paddleable, if it looks pretty full then youÕd best strap on the walking boots and prepare for a 5 hour grovel up the unlikely gully to the left which leads to a gravel road high up on the plateau.


If you choose to go on you will enter probably the narrowest paddleable canyon in Tassie and will not be disappointed by a lack of anxiety. ItÕs only short but packs a hell of a punch and the likelihood of a stray piece of timber adding to the complexity of the situation is high. There is at least one must run 5m high tricky fall that lands in a spectacular 2m wide box canyon.


Once the canyon is over and done with there remains some pretty paddling before the river widens out and becomes a rock scrape to the lake. Turn left at the lake and paddle over to Lorrina for a well earned cold one (BYO).


 Photos also in 2002 Southern Canoeist.



Justin Boocock – Dove Canyon