Brady’s Lake Slalom Course

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Central Tasmania

Brady's Lake Slalom Course

Woodward's Canal


Distance: 600 m.
Average Grade: 10 m/km
Peak Grade: 
Difficulty: Grade 3.
Paddling Time: 3 minutes.
Entry Point: From the Loop Road around the water course or the start bay (Grid ref. DP 581 248). Just off the Highway about 11 km south of Bronte park.
Exit Point: From the lake (Brady's Lake) at the bottom of the course (Grid ref. DP 581 246).
Water Level: Hydro controlled.
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Nive.
Shuttle: 5 min walk back to the top – sorry no conveyor belt.
General Description: The Brady's Lake Slalom Course was for many years Australia's premier slalom course. It is an excellent venue for competent paddlers to practice their white water skills. The water course consists of large standing waves and powerful stoppers. The first drop consists of a 5 m ramp into a superb rodeo hole ("The Gibbers"). The notorious "cruncher" is about 150 m from the top. It consists of a double stage drop with a stopper at the bottom of the first stage. It is usually quite safe but is very shallow and hence a capsize could result in minor facial surgery. It can be portaged easily. "Mellifont Street", the bottom portion of the course is very steep, often shallow and always fast. The entire course can be inspected from the bank. This is essential as a capsize could result in a long swim down the course. The sluice gates at the very top of the course should be avoided.

                            Carl Mason – The Cruncher