Blyhthe River

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Blythe River

Camena Road Bridge to Tioxide Weir
Distance: 13 km.
Average Grade: 5 m/km.
Peak Grade: 
Difficulty: Grade 2-4.
Paddling Time: 4 hours.
Entry Point: At the Camena Road  Bridge (C116) (Grid ref. DQ 123 414).
Exit Point: At the Tioxide Weir (Grid ref. DQ 134 502). Lower side of the Aluminates Factory on the Minnea rd.
Water Level: There is a gauge at the Tioxide pumphouse, 0.4 m is the minimum water level.
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Inglis.
Shuttle:  ~16 km one way.
General Description: There are a number of small rapids for the first 2 km, then a 1.5 m. drop. Beware of the stopper at high water. 500 m further down there is a two stage drop, then the "Horse Shoe Falls", a 3 m vertical drop. Both of these can be paddled on the right hand side. The approach to "Horse Shoe Falls" can be tricky. After the falls there is a rock garden then the river flattens out. A short distance down is a rocky ledge extending halfway across the river. It is fairly safe but may hold a capsized boat or person. After this the river is mainly flat to the weir.