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Anne River

Mt Anne track to Tahune




Distance: 14 km to the Huon River, then 30 km to Tahune.
Average Grade: 24 m/km.
Peak Grade: 77 m/km.
Difficulty: Grade 4.
Paddling Time: 2 days paddling or 1 long day (7.5 hrs from the Anne footbridge with a Tahune level of 0.75 m).
Entry Point: The Anne River footbridge, 1 hours walk along the Mt Anne track. (Grid ref: DN 499 377).
Exit Point: Tahune Bridge. (Grid ref: DN 778 484).
Water Level: 52 cm below the 5th span of the foot bridge (+10/-5 cm for max min).
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Old River & Huon. 1:25 000 Scotts.
Shuttle: 230 km -don’t forget the keys!
General Description: Steep and continuous, a good 2 day camping trip or a long day-trip. Some portaging due to logs is required. The river flattens out before joining the Huon, then grade 3 paddling through the Huon gorge.

This is an amazing river and an incredible trip. Having said that, a walk out from this river would be an overnight trip and not a pleasant night out. Paddle this river only if you are experienced in wilderness and steep creek paddling. The paddling is tea-tree infested for the first km, then turn a corner and you enter 4 km of continuous paddling with few eddies (only the shallow nature of the river gives you a respite from its continuous nature). This is definitely a small party river, anymore than 6 people would be impossible. This is not a river for doing as a flood run. There are several logs across the river in tight spots.

Justin Boocock -the walk into the Anne .